Benjamin Hackl

Welcome to my web space!

I am a mathematician employed at the University of Graz in Austria. To be more precise, I am employed at the Department of Mathematics and Scientific Computing as a Senior Scientist.

Currently, I am also still affiliated to my former department, the Department of Mathematics at the University of Klagenfurt.

Mathematically, I am primarily interested in the area of Discrete Mathematics in combination with Computer Science. In particular, questions I am (currently) particularly interested in concern the following topics:

  • Analytic Combinatorics, Analysis of Algorithms, and Automata Theory,
  • Bijective Combinatorics and Combinatorial Identities,
  • and a little bit of Algebraic Coding Theory and Cryptography.

Furthermore, I like working with computers a lot. From time to time, I contribute to the open source computer mathematics system SageMath. I am also one of the core developers and maintainers of the community edition of the mathematical animation engine Manim. Another fun project I am involved in as a web developer is