Benjamin Hackl

Goodbye, Summer interns of 2020!

Date: August 7, 2020
Tags: math, videos, internship

For the past four weeks, my colleague Roswitha Rissner and I supervised five young mathematicians who joined our department as summer interns.

Their task was to create short animated explanation videos for some elementary mathematical concepts they were interested in and for which we provided theoretical input. The videos produced by them turned out simply amazing and are now available on YouTube!

All of these animations were created using Manim, with the exception of the animation of the background in the outro, which was created using Blender. Furthermore, they used the royalty free music available from Bensound.

Working with them was a very pleasant and invigorating experience. I hope they enjoy the remainder of their summer as much as they enjoyed their internship (or, ideally, even a bit more). ;-)