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Migration complete; current developments.

By behackl,

Finally, I had some more time to push everything from my old web space to here. Apart from this new Blog section, there is nothing really new. However, I also decided only to migrate the course overviews of my current tutorials. Everything before this semester now sits in some git repository. I haven’t really decided yet whether this should be included somewhere on this site, or if I should remove the sites at the beginning of the new semester. In any case, the dropdown menu should always only contain the courses of the current semester. Maybe I’ll keep links to the “old” courses at the course list.

Nevertheless — regarding future content: recently, in the Algebraic Curves course I visit this semester we had a pretty interesting exercise: essentially, it was a characterization of algebraic curves of genus 0. As this got somehow lengthy in my deliberations, I’d like to clean my argumentation a bit and then deliver my solution as a blog post.

Unfortunately, this will still have to wait a bit: On May, 25th my Google Summer of Code project (bringing multivariate asymptotic expressions to SageMath) starts, and until then there is still a lot of work to do for my Master’s thesis. With the start of the project I’ll frequently write small updates on my progress and thoughts during the development process — as of now, I’m already looking forward to working on it.

Domain migration…

By behackl,

Currently, I’m working on moving all my stuff from my old web space to this new one. On one hand, this enables me to play around with web development even more (and there are some plans to work on some science-to-public stuff for the next Lange Nacht der Forschung, so that’s a good thing I guess).

Furthermore, as my proposal for this years Google Summer of Code has been accepted, I will be writing small blog posts regarding my progress on the project (Multivariate Asymptotic Expressions in SageMath).

And in addition to that, recently I also had some motivation to blog a bit about the math I’m currently working on — so maybe something in that order of magnitude will happen. 🙂