Seminar Talk: Analysis of Growth Processes for Plane Trees (Purdue Univ.)

By behackl,

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Today I gave a talk (actually, the first of two parts) in Mark Ward‘s informal seminar on Analytic Combinatorics at Purdue University. The abstract and additional resources can be found below.

Abstract. We consider a special growth procedure generating a special subclass of plane trees and carry out the asymptotic analysis of parameters related to this growth process (like the “age” of a given tree or the “speed” of the process itself). And instead of doing the computationally hard parts of the analysis by hand, I will demonstrate how to use a core module in SageMath to deal with computing asymptotic expansions and even carry out singularity analysis for us.

Update: I’ve given the second part of the seminar talk today (10.7.2017) and updated the resources below accordingly.

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