Submission to Insight2016

By behackl,

  Filed under: Math

I made a submission to Insight2016, which is an exhibition dedicated to the visualization of (scientific) data, taking place in Lakeside Science & Technology Park, Lakeside B11, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, in April and May, 2016.

The picture I submitted is called Climbing Densities, and looks like this:


Essentially, these are probability densities of a sequence of random variables I’m currently researching. These random variables model some parameter of a combinatorial object for fixed size. The more intensely colored densities represent larger object, so what can be observed is some sort of periodic process, which is also visualized in this gif (1 density per frame):


More information on these combinatorial object will appear in an upcoming paper (joint work with Helmut Prodinger).

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